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This project is at an early stage, not yet set out in project form but showing signs of being an emerging body of work.

There have been a number of drawings exploring the world within the edges that can be determined and sometimes contrasting that with the world surrounding the pool. There are also watercolour studies, mainly of larger enclosed or partially enclosed areas of water and mostly concerned with light and colour, occasionally with the movement of water.

I made a small woodcut that I printed in many different ways, using chine colle. From this, I made a larger woodcut that made an explicit contrast between the straight lines and sharp corners of the rocks outside the water with the softer, curved forms of the stones and pebbles inside the rockpool, those showing the impact of the water's movement.

I also made an etching, using sugarlift to give a rich texture, about the sensation of leaving your shadow in a rockpool. Similarly, I made a screenprint of seeing others reflected in my rockpool.

I am sure that there will be more in this series, possibly extending the rockpool ideas away from the sea edge and into countryside puddles.

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watercolour study

rockpools with chine colle

etching: I left my shadow in the tidepool

screenprint: Who's in my rockpool?